YOU + ME – 1 to 9
You + Me is a series of paintings inspired both by the tradition of flower painting, and the artist’s on-going desire to attract the viewer’s gaze. In the history of flower painting until now, it is important to notice that the presence and aesthetic of the background is crucial to the balance and reading of the artwork, whether it is very present or subtle. In this series, Claire Deniau has decided to focus on the painted background itself. The backgrounds are intentionally worked almost in monochromatic colours to enhance the visual combination with the flowers. The thin superposition of subtle layers and brushstrokes aims at creating a sense of depth and richness. Incrusted in the frame, a receptacle for a thin vase is inserted. When YOU + ME is exhibited, the artist chooses a fresh flower to “finish” the painting. The painted background and the flower merge into a trompe-l’oeil effect. This intended illusion creates a sense of playfulness, as well as a relationship to materiality; this to reconnect the body with imaginary and perceptual experiences weakened by the popularisation of digital screens. When a painting is acquired, it is the collector’s choice to “finish” the painting by choosing a flower for the vase.Therefore, the artwork becomes a distance collaborative evolving piece.

YOU + ME - 4, Acrylic on linen, wood, glass, fresh flower 40.5 x 30 cm — 2018
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