One Belt One Road Visual Arts Exhibition

Sotheby’s Gallery Hong Kong
12 April 2016 - 16 April 2016
Organized by The Hong Kong Federation of Women
Curated by Pansy Ho

The ancient Silk Road has left a precious legacy of arts and culture, this exhibition unites the voices of today’s women who trace their own heritage to this region and reconnect to its history through contemporary art practice. Embracing the spirit of the Belt and Road Initiative, the exhibition reawakens the diversity of culture, language and art through the eyes of women throughout history, today and for our future.

China: Peng Wei - France: Claire Deniau - Hong Kong: Vivienne Tam - Iran: Shirin Abedinirad - Italy: Sabrina Mezzaqui - Japan: Yayoi Kusama - Kazakhstan: Saule Suleimenova - Macau: Hong Wai - Malaysia: Chong Siew Ying - Middle East: Lalla Essaydi - Poland: Paulina Olowska - Portugal: Joana Vasconcelos - Russia: Yelena Popova - Sri Lanka: Anoma - Taiwan: Chang Song Lian

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